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Strategy insights & consulting

Understanding the state of affairs and predicting the future is the foundation on which our customers, regardless of industry and challenges, are able to make the right decisions for better business. We have extensive experience with foresight and strategic consulting assignments that feed directly into our customers’ decision-making processes. We also have solid experience in research, analysis and monitoring, as well as brand consulting. The technology and methodology are well proven and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) powered by Quilt.ai.

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Navet Analytics offers everything from complete external and market analyses to evaluations of individual companies and projects. In our analysis work, we focus on needs, demand, underlying driving forces, trends and other growth factors. Based on the results, we formulate clear recommendations and sound advice.

Navet Analytics’s methodology for analysis is based on over 30 years’ experience. We now also offer market and external analyses with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) powered by Quilt.ai.

Going to start a new business idea, launch a new product or service or introduce a new concept? Want to understand what influences your environment, how you can create a new culture or what customers associate with your brand? The possibilities are endless, and the success cases many.


We curate and present relevant information in a way that suits you, in a report, an online dashboard or other suitable format. Monitoring gives you early indications of market developments so you can take measures early and steer your business in the right direction at the right time.

Our assignments often include presentations of our reports and investigations at seminars and workshops.

Our recurring economic report for the construction & property sector, Market Trends: Construction, is based on a large number of statistical sources, personal interviews and information from our expert panels of property owners, consultants and contractors. The report is published quarterly and can be ordered at the Nordic region, national or county level. It’s an excellent tool for strategic business decisions and budgeting & forecasting.

Foresight Consulting

The world is changing rapidly. For your business to make the right decision, it is crucial to understand which changes are permanent and which are temporary. We tailor our future research to you and base it on a combination of statistical material, interviews with various players in the market and with AI & big data.
Our work can include producing data for strategy planning, mapping, ownership structures, price trends and supply & demand at the national, regional or municipal level.

We conduct extensive member surveys for several trade associations, and more comprehensive future studies in order to describe likely development scenarios in specific industries and geographical regions. We particularly look at factors such as energy, environment, technological change, infrastructure, employment, demography, digitalisation, urbanisation, education and more.

Strategy Consulting

We offer strategy consulting both on its own and in combination with our other services. We support and guide you through the entire decision-making process so you can take the right actions for better business. We also offer brand strategy advice, which gives you insight into how your brand’s positioned towards different target groups and within defined areas.

Brand Due Diligence

Understanding your company’s customers and the strength of its brand strength is critical before any major investments, mergers or acquisitions. Brand due diligence is an important complement to financial and legal due diligence.

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Manager, Head of Analytics
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